Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Marion Smith´s DT Member

I´m very happy to tell you that I've joined the first ever Marion Smith Design Team. 
Check out the new blog and other amazing ladies on the team here :

I´m very excited and proud to be a member of such a talented team :)

Here is a small sneek peek of her newest collection!
Isn't it AMAZING? 

I simply can´t wait to put my hands on this eye candy.

I made my first warm up card with the Scarlet Collection

Everything matches perfectly together and I can´t wait
to use it more and craft something with the collection.

Stay tuned for more!

Have a nice afternoon and thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Nie dziwię się,że dostrzeżono Twój talent- a papiery zapowiadają się świetnie : )

  2. Innilega til hamingju :) Það verður gaman að fylgjast með þér búa til eitthvað fallegt úr þessu flotta dóti :)

  3. Gratulacje :) Myślę, że Twój styl idealnie będzie pasował do tych papierów :))