Monday, March 19, 2018

Dream Came True!

Hello dear blog friends, 

Today's post is a bit different than my usual posts
and it's all because I believe that dreams can come true.

I have for you a short friendship story 
and her amazing husband Mark.

Some time ago I was surfing the internet looking for inspiration.
I found the most beautiful card on the blog called

run by Ivana. I was left speachless.
Her amazing talent and style was (and still is) overwhelming.
At this time she was selling the sweetest goodies
in her Shoppie 

I have send her e-mail, she send me goodies, I said HI, she said HI
and before we new it we became the best friends.
Chatting on FB, sending each other e-mails
and handwritten letters and crafty - surprise gifts.

We became more than friends, we became
soulmates girlfriends with many many thousands miles apart.

Last Christmas Ivana and Mark invited me and my husband Hjalti
over to Canada for Christmas.

Our dream of chatting while drinking coffee in her kitchen,
crafting together, laughing together came true!

While one of our crafty seasion we made
a colorful backgrounds together.
Great technique Ivana showed me.

In this post we wanted to celebrate our friendship,
show you how we used backgrounds we've made together
and invite you to participate in a small giveaway!

So, I've cut my piece in a smaller pieces 
and made 3 projects with a flourish background:

I've made a spring card:

 A delicate tag:

 ...and a tiny pocket:

These 2 of Ivana's projects have a special place in my heart:

First one: she showed me that card's do not have to be flat.

Second project: I fall in love with liquid pearls after seeing this perfect piece!

We also have a short Q&A for you:

1. What are three paper-crafting items you cannot live without?

It's hard to say but if I had to narrow to my top 3 items:
- liquid pearls
- doilly
- pastel lace

2. What does your craft space look like when you’re in the middle of your projects? 

It's a huge mess. 
So big that I'm sometimes eating sandwiches with glitter in my kitchen haha!

2. Do you listen to music when you craft?

Yes I do. Lately a lot of Nothing but Thieves (Ivana introduced me to them)
The Internet and sometimes some jazz if I'm in the mood.

3. What gets you inspired to create?

Many things get me inspired. But first of all my travels and pictures I'm taking while
traveling. Pinterest is a good place to get inspired and also Instagram.
 Ivana has been and amazing inspiration past few years
and still is with her amazing talent and a slide different style these days!

4. What surprised you about meeting Ivana in person?

I think the thing that surprised me the most was that suddenly she was hugging me.
She was there, LIVE, after so many years she was real.
I felt like we've just got reunited after a long time apart.
Tears were falling, hugs and kisses were exchaned
during this amazing time together.

And now to thank you for being there for me
my dear blog friends, all the love, support and comments
and to celebrate friendships in our lives 
I have a small giveaway for you.

It's a handmade shabby notebook
with blank pages inside.

To participate:
- leave a kind comment below
- leave a kind comment on IVANA'S BLOG 
- winner will be picked randomly from my blog.
- you will have until Friday March 23 to play along. 
Winners will be announced on Saturday March 24 here and on Ivana’s blog!

Thank you for being here with us today!

Sending a lot of love and warm wishes to everybody!



  1. Thanks for the giveaway, I come here from Ivana blog :)
    So happy to have known you!

  2. Gorgeous display of friendship and crafty inspiration!
    Paper Talk with Samra

    1. Thank you so mucg for joining my dear Samra! xoxo

  3. Anetko, Ty wiesz, że kocham Twoje prace. Prace Ivany są równie zachwycające, ale ta opowieść o Waszej przyjaźni wydaje się tak niesamowita...że totalnie mnie zauroczyła. To jest świat o jakim marzę! Cieszę się, że udało Wam się sprawić iż tak niesamowita przyjaźń trwa!!!
    Wielkie całusy dla Was obu :*

    1. Dziekuje za te mile slowa Evo! Marzenie moje i Ivany sie spelnilo bo marzyc trzeba! buziaki xoxo

  4. Hello Aneta,
    My name is Karen. I have known Ivana for several years and so I feel like I now know you just a little bit as well : )She is a woman of love, kindness, fun! and a generous spirit too~ I have
    seen your beautiful art work and it is amazing. I'm so glad to hear of your friendship and thank you for sharing this lovely story with us~ Blessings! Karen O

    1. Yes, she is ! We are so happy to have her in our life! Thank you for joining us! xoxo

  5. Am here from Ivana’s blog and it’s so lovely to hear all about your deep friendship with each other, such a treasure. I adore your beautiful card, and am now going off to check out more of your work, and hopefully sign up to your newsletter. Tfs

    1. Thank you for joining us and for all kind words! xoxo

  6. Arrived here from Ivana's blog. You and she have an amazing friendship that is such a blessing to both of you! I love all your work and will be following you so that I can be inspired by your projects!! Thanks for an opportunity to win some goodies.

    1. Hi Sadie, we are blessed with our friendship!Thank you for joining us! xoxo

  7. Such a sweet story! Your work is beautiful as is hers! Enjoy your friendship!

    1. Thank you for joining us and all kind words!

  8. I think you ARE crafting sisters. What a wonderful story. I love your projects. Layers and layers of goodness.

    1. I think we are :)Thank you for joining us and all kind words!

  9. Sweet sweet story! I too made a friend that way. She actually lives an hour away where I see my doctor. I reached out and for the last year we meet and shop and have lunch. We are going to the Stamp and Scrapbook Convention this week. It is amazing how connections can be made and dreams do come true!

    1. You are sooo lucky Shelley!Thank you for joining us and all kind words!

  10. Aneta, I have met and also love so many blogging friends! This is such a sweet story... and I wish I had the ability to layer like you and Ivana do! All these gorgeous elements would be wasted on me! Thank you for sharing your story...
    =] Michele

    1. Michele,thank you for joining us and all kind words!

  11. Hi Aneta! So nice to "meet" you here in blog land! It was inspiring to read about your friendship with Ivana! And I love seeing both of your beautiful works of art!!! Thank you so much for sharing your story and your talents with all of us. Your blog is absolutely fabulous! HUGS!!!

    1. Thank you for joining us and all kind words Sharon and please stay here for more inspiration!

  12. I loved reading your story, Aneta, and I'm so happy you have found a wonderful friendship! Your beautifully layered and detailed projects are amazing! I will love visiting your blog.

    1. Thank you for joining us and all kind words! Good luck Cindy!

  13. Það verðu nú að koma hérna eitt íslenskt :-) Takk fyrir alla fallegu sköpunina þína elsku Aneta <3 Hefur verið gaman og gefandi að fylgjast með þér. Sjáumst!

  14. Oh how STUNNING!! I love the beautiful colors that you used and how you used the texture paste. I LOVE Ivana's blog too!!! So fun that you were able to go over there to visit!!!