Friday, March 16, 2018

Because Friendship Rocks!

Hello dear blog friends :)

I have a very special announcement to make about an upcoming mini blog hop!

What is It?

A little while back, the most wonderful and splendid thing happened. 
My dear crafty friend, Ivana and her husband invited us over for Christmas! 
A long-time dream come true, turned into one of the most memorable 
and wonderful holidays to date. 

This coming Monday, we're taking a little bit of time to share our story with you, 
and also share a very special take on a project we started together! 
So please join us, for a day of stories, projects, fun and prizes! 

When: Monday, March 19
Where: here and here
Who: Ivana and Aneta
Why: Because Friendship Rocks!

Hope you'll swing by and say hi! See you there :)



  1. How sweet!!! I'll check it out the hop as soon as I can (that stupid thing called job gets in the way sometimes)
    Still need to catch up with all your beautiful posts...
    Paper Talk with Samra

    1. haha you are so funny Samra! Please visit us for our amazing story and giveaway! xoxo