Tuesday, June 18, 2019

"Bloom" birthday card tutorial for G45

Hello my dear peeps, 

Today I bring you still warm video tutorial:

"Bloom" birthday card

I've made for Graphic 45.

... and here comes a video tutorial for this card
were you are also going to find a supplies list:

I've got so much fun making this one 
that I've decided to craft two more in the same style:


Thank you so much for stopping by
and have a crafty day!


Friday, June 7, 2019

"Enjoy the Journey" canvas tutorial for G45

Hello everybody
and welcome to my first post and tutorial
in the new Brand Ambassador term
for an amazing Graphic 45!

To begin with I can’t express how happy and lucky
I’m to be invited to inspire you again with this amazing brand.

My name is Aneta I’m 42 years old, Polish,
and I have been living in Iceland for almost 19 years.
I'm the manager and owner of Retor Fræðsla where I work as an
Icelandic teacher.

My scrapbooking fascination started about 8 years ago but I have been
deeply preoccupied with that for the last 6 years.

I love light pastels, vintage and shabby chic, nevertheless I feel
comfortable in any pattern. In my case everything is dependent on the
kind of paper I can see on my desk, the topic of a card and finally my
mood. I usually get inspired during my travels, on Instagram, Pinterest,
admiring Icelandic nature and all the pretty little things around me.

Today I’ve prepared for you 12X12 canvas tutorial
with a hint of exotic adventure:

And here comes a tutorial and a supply list:

Thank you so much and stay tuned for more inspiration!

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Pastel Rainbow

Hello everybody, 

I'm still in a light-shabby-pastel mood.
My crafty friend Ivana introduced me to The Stamp Market
and since that day I have been paying with some goodies
I've purchased some time ago.

Today I have for you 2 cards:

- flowers : Prima
- stamps : The Stamp Market
- sentiment dies : The Stamp Market

Thank you so much for kind words and comments!
Have a crafty weekend everybody.