Monday, August 12, 2013

A funny story

Funny story, I was drinking my morning coffee the other day and going through my daily Facebook and Pinterest routine, I see this amazing card with felt flowers made by Ivana Camdzic and I immedately pinn it. "A little piece of art", I thought, "wow, my dream". Then I hear the mail man coming with my daily paper and some bills. "Grrr another piece of paper I won't read, who needs it" I thought to myself. The doorbell rings and he hands me a letter .....AND I JUST SCREAMED ..... I saw an envelope from Iwana and instantly started jumping like a maniac, and then got a tear or two out of joy :) Then I opened it, and I was speechless ....what I saw was exactly the same piece of art BUT IN MY HANDS now. I thought, "ARE YOU SPYING ON ME?" "Or are you in my head, reading my mind?" That was a WOW moment which I will NEVER FORGET Ivana :) Everything is so perfect on your card, and those little flowers, I won't use them no least not right away. I just found the perfect spot for your masterpieces in my room and can´t stop admiring and thinking, how lucky I am to have met such a wonderful friend like you:)
xoxo Aneta


  1. Oh yep - I would have screamed too - these are stunning!

  2. What are the chances that the packet would arrive the same day you see these online! That really is a happy coincidence! I can't believe the odds!!!! I just loved reading this - thank you so much for sharing the story!!! Aneta, I am SO glad you liked the little surprise! It was in no way as magical and wonderul as your gorgeous box and card (which are still happily sitting on my favorite little craft room shelf), but just a little thank you for the wonderful person you are! You warmed my heart with this little post, and I am just so glad that the packet made you smile!!! Sending all my love!!! xoxo