Thursday, May 28, 2015

You're awesome

Hello everybody :)

To begin with I want to thank you all
for all kind words, visits and support!
That means a lot to me!
Thank you :)

I made this shabby pillow case for my friend 
just to remind her how beautiful and awesome she is:

To make this beauty I used an amazing digi stuff from Inger:

Thank you for visiting and have a lovely evening!


  1. Przyjaciółka z pewnością ucieszy się z takiego prezentu, gdyż jest przepiękny!

  2. Oh what a wonderful gift, from a wonderful thoughtful friend, won't it just make her feel so special. Beautiful Aneta xo

  3. WOW!!! So pretty and so thoughtful! Your friend will be brought to tears, I know I would :) So many pretty layers and such wonderful colors, only you can make out of this world color palettes! I always look forward to see your new work and it never fails to make my day! Thank you for always bringing so much joy to this world! Hugs :) Samra