Wednesday, June 7, 2017

My adventure with Graphic 45 continues

Hey y’all !

Today’s post is special for me.
With this post I start my second year
with an amazing company
and an amazing, talented group of people
in Graphic 45 Brand Ambassador’s team!

16298990_10210686610514424_2265977298376907381_n (1).jpg

To began with just a few words about myself:
My name is Aneta.I am 40 years old, Polish,
and I have been living in Iceland for almost 17 years.
I’m the manager and owner of Retor Fræðsla where I work as an Icelandic teacher.
I am fluent in English and Icelandic.
My scrapbooking fascination started about 5 years ago but
I have been deeply preoccupied with that for the last 4 years.

I love light pastels, vintage and shabby chic, vintage nevertheless
I feel comfortable in any pattern.
In my case everything is dependent on the kind of paper I can see on my desk,
the topic of a card and finally my mood.
I usually get inspired during my travels, on Instagram,
Pinterest, admiring Icelandic nature and all the pretty little things around me.

My first G45 collection was Sweet Sentiments.
After that I just fell in love with G45 brand.

More fun facts about my crafting:
I love to listen to some good music when I’m creating.
Usually it’s a jazz or blues but sometimes I’m listening to a newest hits j
ust to keep my mood going.
I love to snack and drink when crafting.
Sometimes it’s a glass of pure Icelandic water
and sometimes I fancy a wine glass and a little bit of sushi on my table.

This year I would like to focus more on mixed media:
paints, gesso, masks, inks and stamping.

I would like to share with you a very quick and sweet
Project. It’s a one sheet card using

Children's Hour summer card for G45, by Aneta Matuszewska, photo 1.png

Children's Hour summer card for G45, by Aneta Matuszewska, photo 2.jpg

Children's Hour summer card for G45, by Aneta Matuszewska, photo 3.jpg

Children's Hour summer card for G45, by Aneta Matuszewska, photo 4.jpg

I’m very fond of this beautiful collection.


Thank you so much for stopping by
and have a crafty day



  1. Congratulations on another year with Graphic 45 DT! So well deserved and they sure are lucky to have you with...
    Another gorgeous project my friend!
    Paper Talk with Samra

  2. Gratulacje! Bardzo mnie to cieszy, gdyz uwielbiam podglądać co tworzysz z pięknych papierów i grafik Graphic45.
    I jak najwięcej pomysłów na nowe prace Ci życzę!

  3. Happy to continue our adventure together!

  4. So beautifully written, Aneta! I love this project too, you are such a perfect match for G45!! Can't wait to another year of amazing creations from you! xo

  5. Congrats on more designing for Graphic 45 Aneta, just a beautiful photo of you. I pop in and out on posts during summer, just so busy. Your designs with the Graphic 45 papers is always so beautiful. You work wonders with the layering of the beautiful papers they create. Best Wishes to you.