Wednesday, February 26, 2014

For a little Lady

Hi everybody, 
Today's project is very girly because 
of my niece's birthday which is coming soon.

She is like a little princess and she loves everything that's girly.

I made this set for her, a box and a matching card.
I hope she will use this box to keep some of her treasures.

For this project I used:

  I used this as background and of course a lot of gesso.
I cut out roses from these sheets:

and the girl i used came from this one:

Now I just can't wait to see if she'll like it.
Thank you for stopping by and please visit me often :)


  1. Absolutely Gorgeous. Perfect for a "girly" little girl. She will love it I'm sure. This is a treasure in itself.

  2. Þetta er sko fullkomið fyrir litlar prinsessur, mjög sætt :)

  3. Oh this is so precious I am sure your niece will love it and what little girl doesn't like a special place for her little treasures.

  4. is really pretty!
    your niece will be so happy with this marvelous card!